Important to know

Even though you have a login to the Member Portal, only members with current, paid-up memberships will be able to view the Resources in this portal. Without a current paid-up membership, you will see a message with a link to join. You should rejoin.  Really.

Your account

1 Your Membership.  You can view your membership status and renew your membership by clicking on the “My Membership Status” link in the right side menu box titled “My Account”.

2 Your Email Address and Contact Info.  You can change your email address and contact information in the right side menu box titled “My Account”.  Remember to note your new email address as you will need it next time you log in!  It's important that we have your correct and current email address so important notifications reach you!

3 Your Password.  If you're logging in for the first time with the "starter" password we provided, we highly recommend you change your password.  Remember to note down your new password as you’ll need it next time you log in!

How membership billing works

Membership is paid in full annually and is non-refundable.  We will send out several reminders before your membership expires.  That's why it's important to keep your email address current in your Contact Info here in the portal.

Your locations in the "Find a Thermographer" lookup tool

You can add, edit and delete location(s) from the links in the "My Account" box in the right side menu.  Only members with current, active memberships will have their location(s) displayed in the public thermographer lookup tool.  If your membership expires, your location(s) will automatically be removed from the lookup tool.  If you renew your membership, your location(s) will again appear on the lookup tool.