What medical thermography sees

Inflammation is generally accepted as an early indicator of potential degenerative disease. Detection of inflammation requires a heat-sensitive device and is therefore routinely missed by traditional imaging techniques. Our infrared cameras identify inflammation so you and your healthcare practitioners can get to work!
“Thermography can identify early health challenges and help guide your healthcare practitioners to successfully treat and monitor your progress!”

Francine van Broekhoven – IAMT President

Breast Thermography

Safe, Painless, Non-Contact

Breast Risk Factors:
  • I have fibrocystic breasts.
  • I have smoked for more than 5 years.
  • I have used pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy or birth control.
  • II have tender breasts, lumps, nipple discharge, size change.
  • I have a family history of breast disease.
Is Thermography Right for Me?
  • Heart Disease runs in my family.
  • I have TMJ or my jaw clicks.
  • I have had extensive dental work.
  • I have a digestive disorder or painful digestion.
  • I have fatigue, weakness or unexplained pain.
  • I have a low-functioning thyroid.