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Why become an IAMT Medical Thermographer and Member

The IAMT believes Medical Thermography has a much higher purpose!

Why Become an IAMT Medical Thermographer Member?

We welcome Medical Thermographers who want connection and support.


Unfortunately there are not enough well trained medical thermographers in the industry. It’s important for us to connect with other professional thermographers and network.  The IAMT has a variety of ways to connect thermographers through online events, various social media platforms, and advanced training classes.

Our website is designed to educate the public and direct them to your business website:

  • The “Find a Thermographer” Search Locator Tool  helps people find your business when searching online in your zip code. You provide your business information in the memberspace platform with a company logo, contact information, and website address.
  • Potential clients searching for an IAMT medical thermographer enter a city or zip code and find the a thermographer near them.


The Member’s Only Portal – Your IAMT Membership gives you access to:

  • Training videos to keep you up to date. 
  • Thermographers only web store with discounted wholesale supplies and products.
  • A library of images and resources, designed to help you educate your clients.
  • An online calendar of events in our Members Only Portal. The IAMT is here to help you interact with Physicians, Thermographers, Trainers, Business Coaches, and other professionals relevant to our industry.
  • The return of an “in person” IAMT International Conference. When it is safe to do so, your planning committee is ready to make our International Conference a reality once again. 
  • Visit our Facebook page for inspiration, updates and interactive discussions
  • Join our Instagram Page for fun interaction with your fellow Thermographers!


The IAMT offers our members Advanced Education to help you become a highly trained Professional IAMT Medical Thermographer

  • At the IAMT we work with trained thermographers to offer advanced education:
  • Once your initial technical training is completed, the CT (Clinical Thermographer) is earned. Most thermographers have already completed their first technical trainings. But there is more:
  • When you have completed over 100 scans, you are now eligible to become a CCT – Certified Clinical Thermographer.
  • Many Thermographers strive for their CT, some achieve the CCT and then stop their education.
  • There are 4 CCT Levels of advanced thermography offered only here at the IAMT.
  • To learn how you can become an Advanced Medical Thermographer, click the contact us button below.


Strong LEADERSHIP is what we’re all about! The IAMT Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and Volunteers are committed to working synergistically – in order to help educate the public about medical thermography, and help our members grow their thermography businesses.