Our Mission

We strive to be a dedicated driving force for the promotion and support of our members to ensure that Medical Thermography is utilized to its full capacity. We advocate for the integration of Medical Thermography as an adjunct imaging assessment tool. We commit to educating the medical community, decision makers and the population at large on the value of integrating Medical Thermography into healthcare practices, corporate wellness plans and programs that promote healthy living, wellness and longevity.

Our Vision

We are a support system for the top Medical Thermographers worldwide! We provide opportunities for education, inspiration, networking and professional development. We set high standards for professional imaging techniques and business practices. We support the creation and growth of Medical Thermography imaging centers and the transformation of the medical model from one of disease management to health discovery.

Our Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermography is

  • To promote growth and expansion of our membership and the medical thermography community at large.
  • To provide business support to our members.
  • To provide professional development to our members
  • To be a credible resource for education of Thermographers and the medical thermography community.
  • Promote and facilitate the expansion of the use of thermography by the medical community.
  • To conduct, facilitate, and/or support research to help further the science of thermology
  • To unite the medical thermography community.
  • To ensure that medical thermography is utilized to its fullest capacity.