Thermography Training with IAMT

Advanced Thermography Training Course Online for Members Only!

Take your medical thermography skills to a higher level with this advanced training course taught by Kristin Burton, using the Med-Hot system.

Advanced Thermography Training


This course is held every Wednesday “LIVE ONLINE” starting August 4, 2021

There will be an introduction zoom meeting with the instructor a few days before the course begins.

If you have questions about the training course(s), please email the instructor at

IAMT Education

The IAMT offers our members Advanced Education to help you become a highly trained Professional IAMT Medical Thermographer.

At the IAMT we work with trained thermographers to offer advanced education:

  • Once your initial technical training is completed, the CT (Clinical Thermographer) is earned. Most thermographers have already completed their first technical trainings. But there is more:
  • When you have completed over 100 scans, you are now eligible to become a CCT – Certified Clinical Thermographer.
  • Many Thermographers strive for their CT, some achieve the CCT and then stop their education.
  • There are 4 CCT Levels of advanced thermography offered only here at the IAMT.
  • To learn how you can become an Advanced Medical Thermographer, contact us today!

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