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Breast Clearing

Thermography is an amazing tool for imaging inflammatory patterns in the breasts. Long before a mammogram may be able to detect a disease, thermography can see unhealthy patterns which may justify further clinical correlation and nutritional support.

The breast clearing program shows your patients that they can make a difference in their breast health. The “before and after” images with breast clearing are usually very dramatic. Both you and the patient can be confident that you have made a difference in their future health!

We clear breasts in many different ways depending on what the interpreting physicians report. Here is some info to get you started on breast clearing.

Before breast cleaning
After breast cleaning
Lymph Brush

Dry Brushing – Lymph Brush.  Use this for overall breast health for move lymph.

Breast Cream

Breast Creme – The Breast cream moves stubborn lymph and clears inflammation and cysts. In addition it helps tone and tighten the breasts. When dry brushing alone does not change the patterns significantly enough, use this cream to increase lymph movement.

Resolve Internal Fire

Resolve Internal Fire – Dr. Carol Chandler’s time tested formula. It reduces inflammation in the breasts, head and neck, carotid arteries as well as the upper gut and back. It is a “must have” for all Thermographers that seek to recommend nutritional support for generalized inflammation in the upper body. This formula contains turmeric which has become extremely popular for breast health!

These images were taken just minutes apart during a hot flash but often times women have a permanent “mottling” pattern on their chests/breasts. This can clear with proper hormone balancing.

Clearing Creams and Bio-Identical Hormones –  ​Based on history and thermal patterns, the interpreting practitioner may recommend a hormone clearing protocol. Most practitioners will use hormone creams to start because they are the most simple, non-invasive way to clear patterns.

Practitioners also may want to know more detail more about the status of their patient’s hormone levels. Our doctors recommend saliva testing. Licensed practitioners can set up an account with Labrix at to learn more about saliva testing.

At the end of the day, clearing breast patterns is often times about moving lymph. Here is an excellent “layperson’s” description of what the lymph system does by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

​“Your lymphatic system is essentially your body’s “sewage processing plant,” responsible for removing waste, toxins, and other unwanted material out of your cells and tissues so they can be flushed out of your body. When your lymph stops flowing freely, it’s like having your garbage company go on strike. The garbage in your home begins to pile up—and the longer the strike, the higher it piles. If the strike goes on long enough, your home will become toxic and you’ll get sick. This is what happens with sluggish lymph: waste accumulates in your cells and tissues.

Unlike your blood, which has a beating heart to push it along, your lymph requires actual movement from you in order to keep it flowing. So, if you don’t move much, your lymph doesn’t move much either… and cellular “garbage” begins piling up.”

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