Our Board


Rayco Alejandro Garcia Perez,
Clinica Eurosport Tenerife
Termografia Clinica Internacional SL
Tenerife, Canary Islands

Rayco Garcia started his career in 1999 as head physiotherapist in sports professional teams, and has worked full time with world-class elite players, in Spain and other countries in Europe. Since 2001 he´s been running Clinica Eurosport (Spain) and has consolidate his practise as one of the most advanced rehab centers of the region, over the years. His Clinic offers the most effective cutting-edge techniques, including thermography, and has accumulated huge experience in the treatment of pain and muscle skeletal disorders. He accumulates 11 years of experience as member of the Chief Board of Physical Therapy (COFC) in his region (2000 – 2011). From 2008 to 2010 he got Master Degrees in Biomedical Research & Biotechnology. In 2013 he incorporated thermography into his practice, and started to investigate pain through the use of thermograms, as well as other aspects related to this technology.

His goals as President of the IAMT are to contribute for the advancement of clinical thermography by bringing more technical & legal support to our medical thermographers, and to promote the best possible use of thermography into several clinical specialties.


Francine van Broekhoven, CCT, CCTT
De Groene Zuster (The Green Nurse)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Francine was an acupuncturist before she decided to dedicate her life to Thermography. She had a big “why-moment” when her mother died from complications related to breast cancer. She realized that there is a great need for preventative care in the area of breast health. She started with thermography in 2014 in The Netherlands, and by June 2018 she’d done thousands of breast studies. This has helped not only Francine understand what steps women can take for breast health, but also her clients to make informed decisions.

Since she wanted to reach out to as many women as possible, Francine became an expert in marketing breast health. She has thousands of followers on Facebook, she wrote a book (also translated into English as “The Handbook of Breast Health and Thermography”), she launched a magazine, she writes blogs for influential websites, she is a frequent speaker both live and on Facebook, and even launched a franchise for people interested in getting into the thermography business in The Netherlands.


Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC
Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness
Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

For many years, Lisa’s passion has helped others find well-being, initially through dance, and now through thermography and holistic nutrition. In 2012, she launched Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness as a mobile service and currently offers full-range thermal studies in over a dozen locations in New Jersey and New York.

Lisa is the thermography expert and regular contributor to “Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life,” heard on WOR, New York’s #1 News/Talk radio station, and iHeartRadio. She is an active member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Lisa balances her energetic professional life with the joys of being a wife and mother of three teenagers, and still finds time to dance.


Carlos Leite, PhD
Thermography Medical Clinic
Ontario, Canada

By profession Carlos Leite is an economist, having worked at the International Monetary Fund (in Washington, DC) for nine years and taught economics at the university level (University of Western Ontario in Canada) for three years.

More recently, he co-founded and managed a solar company (Solarize Energy L.P. in Ontario) and he has been advisor (business development) at Thermography Medical Clinic in Ontario) for the past three years.


Dear member,

Welcome to the IAMT, the largest medical thermographers organization in the World. We are happy to have you in our organization.

At this time, the current Board would like to thank the work of each of the previous Board members, namely Teresa Allen as President, Maria Belluccio as Vice-President, Carol Chandler as Secretary-Treasurer, and Barbara Thurman as Board Member. This group of committed thermography advocates successfully put in place the institutional framework for a great association, and most recently, successfully organized the 2nd Bi-Annual Conference International Association of Medical Thermographers held on June 1-3, 2018 at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. In a short span, this conference has become the largest regular gathering of clinical thermography practitioners in the world. Going forward, our collective challenge is to continue this great work and ensure that the entire membership becomes even more energized, engaged and creative.

Since its first meeting during the third week of June-2018, the new Board has been hard at work taking stock of operational tasks and developing an action plan for the next year. At the Board level, we are motivated by our firm view that thermography has a unique role to play in a health and wellness system and in a world where individuals are increasingly demanding more information and control over their health action plan. Our principal objective is to promote a motivating environment and a unique opportunity for all of our members to “do well and invest wisely in the health and wellness of every individual”. In forging this collective path and building on the energy and movement, our primary tool will be frequent and meaningful communication.

As discussed at the recent iAMT Conference, the Board’s immediate priorities revolve around:

  1. Guidelines on the EU’s GDPR regulation, which has been prepared and is scheduled for release Wednesday, August 15. We will send out a confirming announcement by email to all members.
  2. Establishment of two working Committees, namely the Strategy and Business Development Committee and the Training and Professional Development Committee. You may find the Members’ Notification for these Committees as well as the Charter and Mandate for each Committee in the ‘About’ section of the iAMT’s website. We will send out a formal announcement by Friday, August 17, including a timeline for nominations and the installation and start of operations.

Finally, we have updated the online listing for member’s clinics (which appears both on the website and in the Infrared-Body mobile app). At this time, we ask you to review and confirm the information posted.

As a Board, we are very excited about the opportunities ahead for thermography in general, and the iAMT in particular, but we know that our plans to be successful, we need everyone to be engaged and willing to participate…. so, anytime that questions or comments do arise, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Rayco Garcia Perez, President

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors