Our Board


Francine van Broekhoven, CCT, CCTT
De Groene Zuster (The Green Nurse)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

Francine was an acupuncturist before she decided to dedicate her life to Thermography. She had a big “why-moment” when her mother died from complications related to breast cancer. She realized that there is a great need for preventative care in the area of breast health. She started with thermography in 2014 in The Netherlands, and by June 2018 she’d done thousands of breast studies. This has helped not only Francine understand what steps
women can take for breast health, but also her clients to make informed

Since she wanted to reach out to as many women as possible, Francine became an expert in marketing breast health. She has thousands of followers on Facebook, she wrote a book (also translated into English as “The Handbook of Breast Health and Thermography”), she launched a magazine, she writes blogs for influential websites, she is a frequent speaker
both live and on Facebook. 

“As President, I would like to contribute by providing support to our medical thermographers. The thermographers need an organization that is their backbone and that helps making medical thermography well known and understood. My goal is to bring medical thermography to the highest professional level so that it deserves its place in lifestyle medicine”. 


Howard Vics, New York, U.S.A.


Howard along with his wife Diane, owns Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center in Clifton Park New York, with remote imaging sites throughout the Capital Region
of upstate New York.  
Howard graduated from Northeastern University in 1985 with a
Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. 
He is an Infraspection Institute certified Level III Thermographer, with
certifications in Technical and Clinical Thermography.

His first use of thermography was for building diagnostics (insulation assessments, moisture mapping, energy audits, etc.)  After meeting Dr. Carol Chandler in late 2012 and seeing the
potential to use thermography to positively affect people and their health,
Howard expanded his application of Infrared/Thermal Imaging to the Medical
Field and formed Medical Thermography Associates in 2013. 

He is considered an expert in the field of applied infrared/thermal imaging and has been a speaker and presenter at InfraMation (the largest gathering of thermographers worldwide) and at IR Info, where he has presented papers and conducted clinics in applied thermography.

He is an in-demand speaker and spends his time running his Medical Thermal Imaging practice and educating on the use of thermography for early detection, preventive healthcare and on using natural solutions for health and wholeness.



Carol Conti, RT (r) (M)(QM)(BD), CCT, California, U.S.A.


Carol has been a Medical Imaging professional for over 40 years specializing in Mammography and breast health.  She owned a portable x-ray business in California in the 1980’s and was a member of the Arizona Medical Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners for 15 years.  Carol is also certified in wildlife rehabilitation which, after witnessing how birds react to changes in the environment, caused her to adopt an organic lifestyle. 

After years of research for a safer, more comfortable way to detect early breast disease, Carol found Med-Hot and High Definition Thermal Imaging in February 2009.  Since corporate medicine has moved away from patient-focused-care to only caring about the bottom line, Carol decided the time had come to start her own Medical Thermal Imaging business and give people back the power to prevent disease by providing a safe method of early detection and prevention.  

She founded Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging in April 2009. In July, 2009, a breast thermogram showed a “suspicious change” from her first thermogram three months prior.  After a “diagnostic” digital mammogram showed nothing at all Carol had a breast ultrasound which showed an 8mm suspicious mass.  An ultrasound guided biopsy was then performed which proved the mass to be an invasive cancer. By the time she had a mastectomy in September, 2009, her cancer had grown to 1.6 cm.  Without thermography, annual mammograms would have taken years to show this very aggressive cancer.  

Since her diagnosis and surgery Carol has adopted an alternative lifestyle for the prevention of further cancer. 

Although still maintaining all of her Radiologic Technology licenses, researching alternative treatment options has caused a 180 degree shift in her perspective of health care for the 21st century.  No longer associated with Western, Allopathic Medicine, Carol knows
every Naturopath, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and other alternative health care providers within a 100 plus mile radius of her business and can thus refer her clients to the best health care providers for their health care. 

Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging has over 2,000 clients from all over the U.S and 3 foreign countries who return regularly and refer new clients.  In 2016 Carol hired an Office Manager and hopes to intern this year.



Shar Weinrauch


Executive Director

Kristin Burton,
Lakeland Florida U.S.A.

Kristin is the executive Director and will be working with the Board to implement it’s vision.



At this time, the current Board would like to thank the work of each of the previous Board members, namely Rayco Garcia Perez as President, Francine van Broekhoven as Vice-President, Lisa Mack as Secretary and Carlos Leite as Treasurer. 

Since its first meeting May 2020, the new Board has been hard at work taking stock of operational tasks and developing an action plan for the next 2 years. At the Board level, we are motivated by our firm view that thermography has a unique role to play in a health and wellness system and in a world where individuals are increasingly demanding more information and control over their health action plan. Our principal objective is to promote a motivating environment and a unique opportunity for all of our members to “do well and invest wisely in the health and wellness of every individual”. In forging this collective path and building on the energy and movement, our primary tool will be frequent and meaningful communication.

June 2020; Board’s immediate priorities
revolve around:

Establishment a few working Committees,  

Establish a new entity for the IAMT, we are a 501(c)6 organization now.

The new name of the IAMT is: Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermography. We will have a new logo created, input or ideas are very welcome.

Committees that are established and looking for members.

1.    Marketing/Publicity and
Communication Committee – Shar Weinrauch Chair.

2.    Website Committee – Working with hosting company – Howard Vics – Chair, Edith Chambers
– Co-Chair.

3.    Fundraising Committee – Kristin Burton – Chair

4.    Professional Development – Conferences/Summits and Webinars – needs a Chair.

5.    Membership
– needs a Chair

6.    Sponsorship
– Francine Chair, Carol Co-Chair

7.    Business review committee/historian – Carol – Chair

8.    Thermography “Hotline” – Kristin – Chair

9.    Medical Advisory Committee – Kristine Blanch, Howard Vics

10.  “Fever”Screening Committee – needs a chair

As a Board, we are very excited about the opportunities ahead for thermography in general, and the iAMT in particular. The new name of the IAMT is Institute for Advancement of Medical Thermography.

To be successful, we need everyone to be engaged and willing to participate. So anytime a questions or comment arises, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate that very much.  Ideas or comments can be directly written to Kristin Burton: kristiniamt@gmail.com


On behalf of the entire Board of Directors

Francine van Broekhoven, President