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Thermography TrainingWe believe that Certified Clinical Thermography technicians are the backbone of this Medical Imaging field industry and should have an organization that not only supports them specifically, but can provide valuable resources to help them succeed in their professional practices and businesses.

IAMT – We are focused on raising the standards of professionalism while at the same time educating and promoting thermography to the public.

If you are a professional Clinical Thermography Technician, or consider to become one, you’ve come to the right place for thermographers training and certification!

If you are a certified Clinical Thermographer, please consider a membership that not only provides you with valuable information but also gives you access to our community of CCT’s from all over the world.

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A one year membership costs $199 and includes these benefits:


  • Enjoy a year of membership with IAMT and get all the support and information you deserve!
  • Access to the Member’s Only Portal
  • Inclusion in the Find-A-Center directory for the public
  • Medical Infrared Imaging-Related Product Shopping
  • Medical Infrared Imaging Videos
  • Medical Infrared Imaging Protocols
  • Patient Forms & Questionnaires
  • Participation in professional committees
  • Access to IAMT conference materials
  • Infrared-body App!

Stay tuned to this website and participate in the IAMT Conference (dates not available).

Practicing together is our vision, because as a team we achieve more.ers