Medical Thermography will someday occupy a place in polite medical society. Maybe even as an adjunct to Mammograms and Ultrasounds. Oh wait! That’s already what the FDA says they do! Then why the resistance from the Medical community? Read on.

And hey, nothing against mammograms. If you feel strongly about them, do your research and go get one. Mammograms are considered by the medical community as the front line in the detection of breast cancer. However,it can sometimes (not always) take a long time for unhealthy breasts to finally get cancer.So maybe we should also be concentrating on Breast Health? Just a suggestion…

This blog is about how to give your breasts a fighting chance at being healthy using Medical Thermography. Read on and you might just learn something.


But First, I want to have a quick chat with my fellow Medical Thermographers who do Breast Thermography.


Hello Medical Thermographers using Digital Infrared Imaging, Breast Thermography etc…,
Many Thermographers have been trying to get into the breast cancer detection arena for a long time- And if that is the goal (and it should not be), they are failing miserably. Thermographers have been cited, sanctioned, shut down and embarrassed on national TV for comparing their services to mammograms and breast cancer detection.



So why have thermographers tried to get into the breast cancer arena anyway? Because Thermographers want to build their businesses…and with that desire comes the tendency(for some – maybe not for you!) to focus on women’s fear(s) of breast cancer in order to get clients. They do this using phrases like “early detection” and “Mammogram Alternative.” Most women do not know that breast health practices even exist! They get their mammogram once a year and cross their fingers until the “all clear” letter arrives. And most do not understand what that letters means. The “all clear” letter means “we didn’t find anything.” It does NOT mean “you do not have breast cancer.”Many thermographers work the “early detection angle” in order to help women see there is a better way to manage breast health risk. Unfortunately, it is against FDA rules to use the phrase “early detection” AND puts thermography in the “mammogram competition” category thereby setting medical thermography up for serious scrutiny from the medical community. And that’s why Medical Thermography gets a bad rap – it comes from the claims that Thermographers and other well-meaning healthcare practitioners make! Not the FDA! And the standard medical community picks up on this and fights back against the misinformation.


My Dear Thermographers, we need a better way – a better brand for our industry and a clearer purpose! Read on….

Quick Story – Women will approach me –quietly- and talk in whispers out of the side of their mouths, with a sly and knowing smile and say,

“I know Thermography can detect breast cancer better than a mammogram.”

To which I calmly reply:

“No, sorry, it cannot. Because it was not designed to detect breast cancer.” I say with a straight face and apleasant smile.

Other times, I get the question

“Is Thermography good enough?” Or “Do I still have to have a mammogram every year?” And I answer calmly with that same pleasant smile:

“Good enough for what? Breast cancer detection? NO! It’s not. And by the way, it is YOUR choice to get a mammogram. Thermography does not detect cancer. Talk to your doctor about it. However, thermograms can help you start the journey of Health Discovery – a new, progressive way to manage your health.”


But what I really WANT to say is:



Why in almost every field of medicine, is detection set apart from the simple health evaluation?


These kinds of evaluations are meant to show you that there is something that you – and your trusted healthcare practitioner – may want to investigate further.
Say it with me!


Investigate Furrtherrrr…


• Your elevated blood pressure may warrant a stress test, or blood tests.
• The mouth inspection by your dentist may require a visit to a specialist, a biopsy, or just a “Nah, appreciate that your dentist pointed this out, but it’s nothing!” (don’t you love it when you hear that?)
• And maybe detecting that elevated blood sugar early was enough to put you on a path to changing your diet, exercising, and supplementing. And the next time you go for a visit, VOILA! Your blood sugar is normal, and you have spared yourself lifelong medication!



So why can’t Medical Thermography have that same role?

If you google Breast Thermography, you will see the results split 50/50: either “Thermographers boasting about Early Detection” or “medical authorities cautioning that Breast Thermography has not been shown to replace mammography to detect breast cancer… and therefore it is a scam. Some even go on to say that it is useless because it cannot detect breast cancer.


HEY Medical Doctors! Thermography is not designed to detect breast cancer! Let it go and embrace HEALTH DISCOVERY! And NOT just for the breasts! Let us show you how!

Medical Thermography is simply a health assessment that may point out possibly significant areas for YOU to investigate further! And when it comes to inflammation – only Medical Thermographers can show it to you the way we do:safe, painless, affordable and non-contact!

We are Inflammation Hunters at your Service!

Doctors, we KNOW that you see inflammation as important. That train has left the station. Might I remind you of COX-2, CRP, ESR, PV… Medical thermography should be on that list! Trust us, and we will show you a whole new world of inflammation evaluation that will blow your minds!

And if we could make sure that EVERY thermographer in the world would STOP making claims of early detection, would you trust us with your patients? Please?

Interesting – there IS one standard medical authority that DOES talk, unemotionally, about the true use of Medical Thermography. Yes,it’s our old friend the FDA. Here’s what they say about thermography and breast cancer screening:

“Thermography devices, also known as digital infrared imaging devices, have been cleared for marketing by the FDA only for use with another screening or diagnostic test like mammography, and not for use as a stand-alone diagnostic tool.”

And you know what? We are FINE with that!! Funny (not “ha ha” funny, but sadly ironic) –THIS is what professional, well-trained, “rule following” Thermographers are saying too (and have been all along)!


Please don’t paint all Thermographers with the same brush!
As in every profession, there are those who follow the rules . . . and those who are trying to make a buck!

IAMT Thermographers are specially trained to know and follow the rules as set forth by the FDA. They work with Medical Doctors and other health care professionals by providing them with infrared imaging services and interpretations of those images by specially trained physicians who used high tech software to measure the skin’s surface and identify significant patterns. It’s a science called“Thermology” and it’s really cool and useful. Try it! Find an IAMT Thermographer and ask for a demonstration!


IAMT Thermographers are not interested in detecting breast cancer or playing on the fear of breast cancer to improve our business. We are interested in breast HEALTH as well as the health of the entire body.
Health Discovery is TRENDING – Join us!

So, with that little rant out of the way….

Here are 10 Ways to Practice Breast Health

  1. Get a Thermogram to look for inflammatory patterns. But first Find a Thermographer near you!
  2. If your thermography report says you have a significant breast pattern, see your doctor for further clinical evaluation.Your doctor may recommend ultrasound or a mammogram. If you would rather not have a mammogram, or you have dense breasts, consider a private ultrasound from HerScan.Show the ultrasound technician your thermography report images so they can be sure to focus on patterns of inflammation as indicated on the report.
  3. Get to know your breasts through self-breast exams! Learn their terrain and all the little lumps and bumps. Learn more about self-breast examinations and more with this book!
  4. Learn about dry brushing your breasts to move lymph. Moving lymph helps sweep out toxic garbage from your breasts. This is important! And who teaches you how to do it? Thermographers! Watch this video to learn.
  5. Consider using a non-aluminum anti-perspirant. There areplenty of scientific studies saying that aluminum is not healthy for breasts. There are alsoothers who maintain there’s no link to breast health. However, Thermographers know what they see. The “before and after” images showing under-arm and lateral breast inflammation on our clients who switch to non-aluminum deodorants is usually pretty dramatic. Here’s a good (non-aluminum) brand that many Thermographers use and trust.
  6. Ditch the underwire bra! Underwires can block lymph flow and the toxic garbage hangs around in your breasts. There are a LOT of great wireless bras out there but here is a favorite among many thermographers.
  7. Dietand supplementation– PLEASE don’tleave this one out! Learn more about the best ways to eat from none other than Christine Horner, MD, a celebrated breast surgeon turned holistic doctor who is also a Thermography Interpreting physician! Click here
  8. Hormones – This is doctor territory. But if you have menopausal symptoms or are on birth control of any kind, make sure you are balanced. Thermographers prefer Functional MD’s who help you with hormone balance naturally. The Institute for Functional Medicine has a search tool for functional doctors near you!
  9. Think you’re too young for all this breast health stuff?Guess again, young women – Start now! “Keep a Breast” is a breast health organization that focuses on women of all ages and particularly on younger women and breast health. we wish they talked more about Thermography, but they do good work!
  10. Exercise for breast health and reduce risk of disease by 30-50%. Check out Fit for Prevention.
  11. And for now, that is GOOD ENOUGH! Don’t you think!!?