General Health Information

Seeing the body with an Infrared lens, What is healthy and what is not?

Acid Reflux-Thermography Images

Abdomen-liver area RUQ Lat-Thermography Images

Facts about Cancer

Chart Over-Dx1  Chart Over-Dx

Did you know that in the United States alone, 
Lung Cancer kills approximately 29,952 more women 
than Breast Cancer?  
 And Heart Disease kills

CDC – Breast Cancer Statistics

Validity of Cold Stress of the Breast


Diagnostic Criteria for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Tired all the time? you might need adrenal help.

Thyroid-Allergies-Sinus-Thermal Images

Thyroid Disease and the Heart

Skin as an Endocrine Organ

Adrenal Insufficiency

Rejuvenating your lymphatic system

Six-Phase Table

Health Discovery vs. Disease Diagnose

Six Phase Table