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Why Medical Infrared Screening?

Full Body thermography

Medical Infrared Imaging is the most accurate way to observe temperature variations and patterns on all regions of the body.

Inflammation is the body reacting to injury or infection, characterized by swelling, heat, redness, and pain. The process includes increased blood flow with an influx of white blood cells and other chemical substances that help healing.

Why would we not want to observe that very important part of ourselves?  

The skin is the body’s central processing unit; it’s a communication hub that functions as an interactive, bi-directional network of interconnections, sharing information between all systems, including the neurological, immune and endocrine functions and pathways. The information is on the skin, and thermography functions as the monitor, measuring and evaluating the metabolic signals and telling the story as it happens. The infrared camera “sees” the inflammation in the body functioning and changing in “real time”. For instance, hot patterns mean “inflammation”. It is so important to “see” inflammation because it is a very active cause of Alzheimer’s, heart and cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and much more!

Full Body Imaging

Full Body thermography provides valuable information about a person’s state of health. As your body functions change, so do your infrared patterns. Thermography is the science that observes studies and analyzes these infrared changes to give you (and us) valuable and possibly unknown information about your health. Read more about Full Body Thermography here.

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