EMDR - Solidified tears and a present for the soul

By Francine van Broekhoven

Losing a partner, a child leaving home, the death of a pet, a parent dying, a job you lost that you loved so much. All events that belong to life, but how do you give this a place when there is no one to share your story with?

An emotional event that has left a deep wound in your heart will try to find its way out. Sometimes we meet people who help you tell your story, we call a friend ourselves for a reason other than this in the hope that the conversation will turn to that. Often times the conversation remains cheerful and the pain remains suppressed and safely tucked away in that corner of your heart.

Then Saturday evening 11:17 pm… the gnawing feeling of loneliness and sadness slowly creeps into your bones. Who are you calling? Are you going out of town? Do you turn on a movie? Will you have a glass of wine? You wonder how this feeling will ever go away. You don’t want feeling to settle in and make you sick, because you know that possibility exists.

For everyone who reads this and recognizes themselves in this feeling, follow this link and those 15 minutes EMDR.

This is the most friendly way, especially when you are alone and have no one to fall back on, to let your tears flow and not only that, because of the movements of your eyes something happens that makes you feel the pain less gently to become. You can repeat this session as much as you want. It is safe, friendly, not floaty, but it is completely there for you, to let go of your congealed tears so that the pain can heal …

EMDR is a therapy for people who suffer from traumatic experiences. If you undergo EMDR with a therapist, they will ask you to retell the traumatic experience while moving the hand back and forth just in front of the face. Another method is that you get headphones with sounds that can be heard alternately left and right. The painfully sharp edges that can cling to your emotional life like fraying become softer. I’ve never been able to do something as simple and effective for myself as listening to an EMDR recording. I don’t know how it works, but it works and I think that’s enough, I don’t need to understand everything.