We have 10 committees:

  1. Marketing/Publicity and Communication Committee – Shar Weinrauch Chair.

  2. Website Committee – Julie Steele & Monit Jadhav

  3. Fundraising Committee – Kristin Burton – Chair

  4. Professional Development – Conferences/Summits
    and Webinars – needs a Chair. Finds topics and people to present
    educational webinars Sets Schedules.

  5. Membership – Julie Steele, works to recruit, welcome and retain membership

  6. Sponsorship – Francine van Broekhoven Chair, Carol Conti Co-Chair

  7. Business review committee/historian – Carol Conti – Chair

  8. Thermography “Hotline” – Kristin Burton– Chair

  9. Medical Advisory Committee – Kristine Blanche, Howard Vics

 If you like to join a committee you are very welcome! Please make your request known to Kristin Burton at