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Those in the field of medical thermography often hear questions like “Why isn’t everyone doing this?” The reason is human thermal physiology is not generally understood, even by doctors.  Think about it…. in order to even realize the value of thermography, the student or observer must have access to an infrared camera.  Not just any infrared camera, but one capable of recording critical temperature measurement.

There would be no radiology without x-ray machines and there can be no thermology without an infrared camera. So which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Infrared cameras are widely used for many applications and are readily available, but what about the human thermal physiology training? We believe our Pattern Recognition Training is a start, an opportunity to discover and understand the science of thermal physiology, and it’s true value to the physician and the patient.  We believe the thermal infrared camera is a “Discovery Tool”, another way, different than any other, to discover the root cause of an individual’s health concerns.  How can we ever have enough tools or enough insight?

Thermography Pattern Recognition Training

What do these images mean to the Physician and Patient?
What can they add to the decision for treatment choices or recommendations?

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If you describe your practice as “Wellness” or “Preventive” this is a highly meaningful assessment method for you and your patients. The patterns reveal functional dynamics that are not visible or measured any other way. Thermography Recognition Training is developed to introduce the Healthcare Provider to visual functional activity.

Courses are provided in 1-1.5 hour sessions per module, on-line and with live instruction. Courses include, but not limited to, samples of known conditions, analyzing case studies, associated strategies and recommendations. Even though official interpretations may be provided by trained M.D.’s, the treating physician can personally understand the results to assist in providing insightful and patient-specific care.

Training provided by Carol Chandler, D.O.M. in coordination with the I.A.M.T.

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