Clinical Thermography Technicians

Mobile Medical Thermography

Bringing High Quality Infrared Imaging To Your Practice!

Forming a strategic partnership with your local medical infrared technician will add an amazing new modality to your practice. Mobile Medical Thermography services come to your office to provide a valuable new screening program for you and your clients and patients.

Mobile Infrared Imaging

Mobile Medical Thermography services come to your office to provide a valuable new screening program for you and your clients and patients.

Benefits include:

  • Offers a new look at the inflammatory processes and functionality of the body.
  • Provides a service to holistic-minded women who prefer non-invasive breast health screening. Thermography is an FDA cleared adjunct to mammography.
  • Helps the practitioner to guide and monitor treatment.
  • Follow up imaging with comparative interpretation shows you and the patient that your protocols are working or need to be adjusted to heal patients successfully.
  • Adds a new income stream to your practice. Your technician can promote the value of your products and services and pay rent to your space for the day.
  • Patient education – Technicians work with your patients to help them understand the value of thermography and how the images can benefit them.
Mobile Thermography Setup
Mobile Setup

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Imaging at your Office

A typical thermography schedule consists of a visit to your office once or twice per month to image your patients. Your imaging technician may require a minimum number of patients per day.

Imaging room Requirements

  • Darkened room approximately 9 feet long with windows covered.
  • No direct sunlight. Fluorescent lighting is preferred.
  • The floor must not be bare. We are happy to help you cover your windows or floors.
  • Temperature of the room controlled to between 68 and 72 degrees.

 What to expect when offering Thermal Imaging services at your office

Cutting edge technology with our TotalVision™Software!

Progressive and unique in the medical infrared industry, TotalVision™ has been thoughtfully designed. Built-in features help you work more efficiently and productively.

Medical infrared imaging devices are primarily defined by two factors 1) FDA registration, and 2) Medical specific software. TotalVision™ software combined with world class infrared technology offers a presentation  of dynamic, high quality images, unmatched in the field of medical infrared. Why settle for less!

You can experience all these amazing features by scheduling a demo with Med-Hot!

Always experience the software before purchasing a medical thermography system.

  • Positional Guidance Overlays
  • Automatic Focus
  • Zoom Option
  • Multiple Palettes
  • Spot Measurement
  • Add Text on the Screen

Region of Interest Measurement

  • Instant Upload for Interpretation


Imaging Screen – Easy…Intuitive

High Quality Camera – 70,000 Pixels and higher

Provides highest quality images for precise interpretation, the more pixels the better!!!

Professional Interpretations by certified Medical Doctors

Medical doctors receive specific training to recognize and report on the thermal patterns of the images provided.

Experienced Technicians

  • Membership in the IAMT and/or the AAT shows that your technician is investing in his or her education and abides by the internationally peer-reviewed guidelines of the American Academy of Thermology.
  • Represents your practice with professionalism and compassionate care of your patients.
  • Supports your products and services.
  • Assistance with understanding the language included in the interpretations.
  • Marketing Support at no additional charge
  • Fliers, newsletters, posters and graphic design – The IAMT supports your Thermographer’s efforts to help you advertise.
  • Ask your Thermographer about workshops, presentations and open house participation.