Bras are a "NO PHONE ZONE"!

By Francine van Broekhoven

Keep the cell phone away from your body, especially your breasts!
(NB: The information in this blog does not only apply to women. Men also develop breast cancer if they keep their cell phone in their breast pocket regularly!)

Is there a relationship between where you leave your cell phone and breast cancer?

Our cell phone does everything for us nowadays: we can use it on the internet, we can check if it is going to rain, we quickly check our mail, we keep in touch with our friends on Facebook, we play a game on it in a lost moment, … The current mobile phones are therefore not called smartphones for nothing!

But do we think enough about safety? Because mobile phones can only work on the basis of radiation!

A significant number of women regularly wear their mobile phone in their bras. Because:

“It’s nice and easy, so I don’t have to bring a bag.”

“When I go out, I put my money on one side and my cell phone on the other.”

“If I’m wearing a nice dress, there are no pockets in it to keep my mobile.”

There are a few things you should know.

  1. Mobile phones are like radios that emit microwaves: they have an electromagnetic field that should not be in direct contact with the body.
  2. The soft fat tissue of the breast absorbs this radiation.
  3. There are more and more cases of young women with breast cancer in an unusual area of ​​the breast: directly under the skin, where they carried their cell phones in their bras. Moreover, it appears that there is remarkably little (if any) breast cancer in the families of these women.
  4. Doctors advise to take precautions: women are advised not to carry their mobile phone in their bras.
  5. Young women in particular have been found to be at risk if they carry their cell phones in their bras.

I am seriously concerned about the bags in the photo below that are sold at HEMA, among others. You can clip them to your bra or bikini to store your money… and we all know women put their cell phones in this too.

A thermographic image shows enormous asymmetry in the breasts in women who have worn their mobile phone in their bras for a long time. And asymmetry always indicates a preliminary stage of damage!

Video 1: Watch and listen for yourself to the following videos in which doctors warn us against wearing cell phones in our bras.

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