Every person deserves the truth about their state of health.  Instead of waiting for symptoms to manifest and a disease process to be diagnosed, Infrared Imaging gives you a very early look at the most important indicator of a potential health problem – Inflammation discovery…

Who can benefit from Medical Infrared imaging?

Anyone who is interested in staying healthy and not focused exclusively on specific disease diagnosis will benefit from Infrared imaging. A thermal assessment combined with guidance from a trusted healthcare provider is an opportunity to achieve desired results of optimal health and longevity.

How deep can the infrared camera see into the body?

Thermography images the skin surface (1/4 inch), which is a wealth of information reflecting internal metabolism, pain and physiological changes.

Medical infrared results.

Thermography is very sensitive but not specific.  We believe thermography is an early detection of negative changes in the body that, if left unaddressed can lead to different life changing diseases.

“Health Discovery is a meaningful lifelong journey

that a person takes themselves with a trusted health care practitioner.”

Kristin Burton CNHP, CCT