Members Notification

Members Notification from the Board of Directors of iAMT

The iAMT is committed to assisting its members achieve their business and professional development goals. To that end, the Board of Directors of iAMT announces today the launch of two Committees:

  1. The Strategy and Business Development Committee aims to make available to all members a package of business and management tools to support medical thermographers in coming to market and growing their business.
  2. The Training and Professional Development Committee aims to define the iAMT’s role in designing and delivering training programs and in promoting consensus on industry-wide certification standards.

The Charter for both Committees is available <here>.

Each member will shortly receive a request to complete a Member Survey designed to assist us in better identifying gaps and needs in the area of business development and management. By sharing business ideas and experiences and by assisting special online meetings to be organized by the Committee, iAMT members will enhance their visibility, raise awareness of their business, strengthen their business development skills, and gain access to business development and business management tools available from the iAMT.

“To successfully grow a business in today’s economy requires innovation, determination and resiliency. Medical thermographers have all of these qualities and more. And they can rely on the iAMT to help disseminate best practices and to promote industry-wide standards to help them achieve their ambitions”, says Carol Chandler, Chairperson of iAMT, “As the pre-eminent association focussed on the interests of medical thermographers, we are eager to support medical thermographers as they find new ways to scale up their businesses.”

The Business Development and Management packages, which are scheduled to be available in October-2018, will include key material for marketing plans (including guidance on marketing list procurement, website design, and social media strategy) and business management plans (including guidance on administrative and process tools, packages of patient forms, and patient surveys).

In the area of professional development, each member will be invited to comment on a proposed certification program, professional code of ethics, a series of training courses and online webinars specifically designed to raise the standards of imaging practiced by medical thermographers, and a series of online webinars designed to educate both patients and medical practitioners on the role of thermography in health and wellness.

About the International Association of Medical Thermographers

Our Vision
We believe there is another way to experience healthcare. Every person deserves to be aware of their state of health, instead of waiting for symptoms to manifest and disease to be diagnosed. Clinical infrared imaging offers an early look at the most important indicator of a potential health problem – inflammation.

Our Mission
We believe infrared technicians are the backbone of this unique and cutting edge industry. We provide support and resources to help technicians raise standards of professionalism and support success in their thermography practices and businesses.