15 steps for optimization for intestinal health and weight.

By Francine van Broekhoven

You will already know how important a balanced gut flora is to your overall health. If you don’t know yet: this blog is especially meant for you. 

80% of our immune system resides in our gut, and did you know that 80% of people have their gut out of balance? A healthy intestinal flora consists of the right amount of bacteria that help you to digest your food properly and to absorb nutrients. Even thinking clearly, having a healthy weight, having energy and being able to cope with everyday stress works better with a healthy bowel function and flora.

Unfortunately, as much as 80% of people have their intestines out of balance, they have what we call dysbiosis in their intestines. That means an imbalance in bacteria and flora. This is due to eating foods that have become normal, processed by an industry, often with sugars and too many carbohydrates. Meat with hormones, chickens and pigs that have been under stress, dairy products that have residues of antibiotics, use by ourselves of the pill or other medication and antibiotics. Caesarean section and bottle-feeding instead of breast-feeding is a factor that prevents the health of the intestinal flora from building up in babies. Many children who experience poor well-being, experience anxiety and stress and are poorly concentrated have poor bowel function.

I often hear people say that they cannot eat something as if they have an allergy to it that is believed to be genetic. But what we do better is to look at our intestines, how are we doing? Many allergies accumulate over years, and new ones keep appearing when intestines are out of balance. So how is it possible that one person can eat delicious chocolate and another struggles through a gluten-milk-sugar-free-Paleo cave residents diet every day? And has all kinds of digestive complaints. Our DNA is usually the same, but not our gut microbiome.

The good news is you can tackle your gut microbiome and get it back to health. There are a number of things you can do to make your intestines happy and healthy again.

Reading about it will of course help you gain a good understanding. This book is very informative and scientifically based. Well in English.

But let’s see what steps you can take now, and you don’t have to do this in this order. It may be that you have already done a colon cleanse, or are sure that you are not housing fungi or feeding parasites in your intestines. So look at which step you would like to start yourself.

1. Eat the right foods. That makes sense, but stop eating foods that contain toxins. So stop adding poison to your body. Eat simple foods as much as possible. That is food that exists from just one thing. For example a banana consists of banana. A root is simple and consists only of root. Have a look at what pasta sauce consists of or ready-made nasi from the refrigerator compartment. All food in the cooling compartments is also irradiated so that bacteria have little chance of forming fungi. This food is packed in plastic and everything in plastic that is moist has a quick chance of mold. Remove packaged food from the plastic packaging as soon as possible at home. So a cucumber and a bag of Brussels sprouts, for example, do not have to be kept in plastic. Then eat a varied diet. All the colors of the rainbow, then you get a diversity of nutrients.

2. Take good quality probiotics.

3. Give your digestion a helping hand. If you use gastric juice inhibitors, keep in mind that you produce less gastric juice to reduce stomach complaints. But that also means that your food is digested less well. Then take extra digestive enzymes. Or talk to your doctor about wanting to reduce or stop these gastric juice inhibitors. Alternatively, you can try having a glass of lukewarm water in the morning with fresh lemon juice. This lemon juice provides a healthy balance of gastric juice in your stomach and it is basic. That means it helps with morning detoxification and restores your acid / base balance. In general, we have become soured from our daily Western diet. Basic products help to regain that balance. Lots of green vegetables, fish oil, lemon (sometimes baking soda if the balance is lost) help. The extra digestive enzymes help digest your food better and help reduce stomach bloating and flatulence symptoms.

4. Relax, because with an out of balance gut we often suffer from headaches, a rushed feeling, fatigue and depression. When you are going to eat, make sure that you take your time without stress factors, so also without people who give you stress or busy conversations during dinner. You digest your food less well if you already have a lot of impressions to digest. If you are going to eat with people, keep the conversation calm, positive and about little ones. The other person will thank you for it and you give yourself a wink

5. Eating gluten-free helps to reduce intestinal irritation. I sometimes say that gluten is the lawn mowers of your gut villi. Most people have no idea that they could lose weight on a gluten-free diet, but the people who have been forced to stop eating gluten have almost all of them. You absorb food better because you do not burden your intestines with gluten. Note, many gluten-free products in the supermarket are made up of many types of deficient foods. Continue to eat simple foods here too. And in addition, you can choose from cereals that are gluten-free in themselves, such as oatmeal (delicious oatmeal porridge in the morning!), Buckwheat, corn, amaranth and teff. Our detox ebook is based on a gluten-free and milk-free diet.

6. Do a detox treatment to say goodbye to fungi and parasites that do not belong in your body. These bad guys not only keep your intestines but your entire body out of balance and provide an immune system that is overloaded with bacteria. Parasites also leave ammonia residues in your body, in short, clean up those bad guys!

7. Get moving, your intestines and the amount of lymph present there desperately need that movement.

8. Get enough sleep, sounds logical, but poor sleep causes a changing rhythm in your metabolism. So your digestion changes which can lead to obesity. It is also a vicious cycle because an imbalance in the intestine causes poor sleep.

9. Do you ever come into contact with mud? Always nice and clean and fresh? Even a hand sanitizer on the counter? It is very healthy to do some chores in the garden every now and then, just without garden gloves. So get a bit dirty again and throw the hand sanitizer in the trash. De-stressing often goes very well with chores in the garden. Even if you have a balcony, buy a bag of garden soil and plant bulbs for spring or violets in the fall.

10. While breastfeeding helps the mother lose some weight and regain the natural shape of her uterus quickly

11. Whole grain rye bread, herbs, green vegetables, nuts and berries and even seaweed help to improve the intestinal flora.

12. Prep meals; those are meals that you prepare in advance to ensure that you also have a healthy lunch with you at work. This is not very difficult, you have to make it a habit. For example, you can make a delicious beet salad and add some walnuts or a freshly boiled egg in the morning itself. Many prep meals can be found on the internet. This way you also have a good digestion at work, a lot of energy and no stomach pain or bloated stomach. You can also prepare and take a smoothie with you. Think of little fruit in your smoothie. A favorite of mine is 6 oranges, piece of ginger, avocado, lemon and some sprigs of mint.

13. Fermented food is very healthy for intestinal flora. Think of sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt.

14. Do you have a food intolerance? Start by cutting out all wheat. Sometimes this already helps to be able to tolerate more other foods. Just give it a try for 2 weeks and see how you feel.

15. Drink enough water, but of course you already knew it.

If you do want to clean up your body, it is best to do so with our detox cure. This cure not only has a booklet with all the explanations, there are also the right supplements that help you to say goodbye to fungi and parasites. A leaf of lettuce or other food that is healthy for you will not help you say goodbye to bad guys, because they also love lettuce leaves and radishes. So the herbal supplements that we have selected for this detox do. You can do this yourself, in 14 days you will feel like a completely different person with more energy.